Do you want to buy cute animal pajamas for your child? Note these 4 details
I saw a video two days ago, a turtle was lying on the ground, and the adult on the bed lifted the quilt to let him enter the quilt. He slowly climbed into the bed, the key is that two eggs were left on the ground.

warm tortoise

The following netizens leave a message to buy, I also want to buy after reading it, can I turn my child into a “warm tortoise”?

A search online, there are many. All of them are adorable!

Many children love dinosaurs, and they are the most popular


Look how cute this alien creature is


Call me again, I’ll call you!


Children like this kind of clothes very much, parents look cute, but! Be sure to take off while your child was sleeping, because after testing, I know that this type of pajamas is not suitable as children’s pajamas, regardless of shape or material.

① The shape of clothes makes children uncomfortable

Note these 4 details

There are bulges on the back of some clothes, such as turtle and dinosaur shapes. The bulges on the back will feel uncomfortable when the child is lying flat. I bought new clothes for children for a few days, and then they didn’t want to wear when went to bed, because it was uncomfortable.

② The clothes have severe hair loss and can be easily sucked into children’s respiratory tract
This kind of clothes is made of fur material such as flannel, and there will be a layer of floating hair on the surface. If the child wears autumn clothes and trousers, they can stick a layer of hair, drill a quilt, and stick on a quilt or a bed sheet Everywhere. If you buy it inferior, you may still lose hair after washing it a dozen times. This kind of hair is easy to be sucked into the respiratory tract of the child, which will cause bad influence on the child over time

Note these 4 details

If some children are allergic to these things, they may feel itchy noses and want to sneeze all day long.

③ The material of the clothes does not absorb sweat but also generates static electricity

Note these 4 details

I actually also have a set of flannel pajamas, but I wrap them every time I take a shower, because they don’t absorb sweat. Adults think so, not to mention children. Many children have the habit of kicking the quilt when they sleep. Most of them are due to heat, children’s metabolism is faster than adults and they sweat easily when they sleep. However, clothes made of this material do not absorb sweat, and children will feel hot and humid.

The point is that the static electricity is still there, and the hair flutters when I feel it.

④ Inconvenient when the child is urgency

Note these 4 details

Because it is conjoined, when you go to the toilet, you need to untie it, which is more troublesome.

In fact, children can sleep with or without pajamas, even if they wear them, this pajamas are not the best choice, as home clothes, they are usually cute at home. However, before they wear it, take the pajamas outside and shake it well, shake off the floating hair, stick it with a viscose and then wash it, shake it after drying, and then wear is more suitable.

What kind of pajamas should I wear for my child?

① Breathable and sweat-absorbent, pure cotton is best;

② Good elasticity and more comfortable;

③ You can try to sleep naked.

Many mothers know the first two points, few mothers may dare to do the third point, because they are afraid that the child will kick the quilt and catch cold.

In fact, there are many benefits to naked sleeping.

√ Promote children’s blood circulation and improve sleep quality

Children sleep naked without restraint, their limbs are more stretched, and their muscles are more relaxed, which can make children sleep more comfortable and improve sleep quality.

√ Make children more secure

Naked sleep allows children to have better contact with their mothers. Before the age of three, it is the establishment period of the safety period. If there is more skin contact before the age of three, the child will feel more secure.

Make your baby’s skin more breathable

During the child’s sleep, the cortex also secretes sweat. If the clothes are stuck and covered with a quilt, these secretions are likely to block the child’s pores and cause some skin problems. If you sleep naked, there will be more room in the quilt, and the child will sweat better and make the skin more breathable.

There are a few things to note:

① Babies under 1 year old are not suitable for sleeping naked.

② The sheets and covers are clean and hygienic, and they are changed regularly to prevent the baby from being attacked by mite bacteria.

③ The baby is poor in constitution, easy to get sick, and his feet are always not warm, do not sleep naked.

Finally, if baby’s mother lets her baby wear pajamas to sleep and cannot ensure that the pajamas are clean and hygienic, it is better to sleep naked.

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